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Bexar County Child Support Defense Lawyers

Child Support Defense In Texas

When a noncustodial parent does not make child support payments as set forth by a court order, the custodial parent has a right to seek an enforcement action through the attorney general's office. Many times however, the attorney general's office and its agents do not look at what is fair and just when seeking past-due payments. They may have inaccurate information regarding missed payments, interest accrual dates and child support obligations in your specific case. Unfortunately, without proper legal representation, you may be subject to an unjust ruling for back child support.

Protecting Your Child Support Rights As The Noncustodial Parent

While Dossmann & Mercado, PLLC, supports the institution of child support, we do not support the oftentimes unfair treatment that noncustodial parents receive from the attorney general when trying to enforce child support payments.

As your legal counsel, we will fight to protect your legal rights and obligations. We look at all factors in your case, not just the numbers that the prosecutor may have. Our lawyers first work to ensure that child support and back pay calculations are set up properly. From there, we can help establish reasonable repayment plans that may keep you out of jail for contempt of court. If your case requires it, we will advocate for a paternity test to validate your parental status. Above all, we are relentless in advocating for your best interests — you have rights, and we are here to protect them.

Attorney Lisa Dossmann is highly regarded for her work in child support defense and enforcement. As a former assistant prosecutor for the attorney general in child support enforcement matters, she brings a wealth of experience and insight to each matter that we take.

Additional Services To Help In Legal Matters With The Attorney General's Office

Child support enforcement: Noncustodial parents are not the only people who run into issues with the attorney general's office. As a custodial parent, you may need help with child support enforcement but the attorney general's policies may not align with your best interests. Our law firm is ready to help protect your rights.

Unfair child visitation issues: Many noncustodial parents run into issues with the attorney general's office when fighting against overly burdensome parenting schedules imposed by the custodial parent. Our lawyers understand the complex custody laws and can help ensure your parental rights to visitation are upheld.

San Antonio Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Legal issues don't have to feel overwhelming when you work with Dossmann & Mercado, PLLC. Our Bexar County child support defense attorneys focus on practical solutions, efficient results and caring client service. Contact us at 210-220-3700 to learn more. We are ready to help.

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