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Facing a divorce is never easy. When ending a marriage, each individual will go through varying degrees of stress and hardship. And while no one can completely ease the heightened emotions you feel, the right attorney can make the divorce process a lot easier on you and your children.

At Dossmann & Mercado, our clients and their needs always come first. We work for you. Not the other way around. Our lawyers will clearly explain your legal options and help you decide the best option for advancing your case. You will always have the control to dictate the direction of your matter, whether you prefer to try negotiation or mediation, or advance to trial. Regardless of the route your divorce takes, we will provide aggressive legal advocacy at each stage of the process.

Addressing All Of Your Legal Needs During The Divorce Process

At Dossmann & Mercado, our San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, divorce lawyers are prepared to address a host of legal issues stemming from divorce, including:

  • Property division: In terms of divorce, Texas is an equitable distribution state. This means a judge will make a property division ruling based on what is fair, but not necessarily equal. When a court determines property division and alimony, there are numerous factors taken into account such as age of each party, length of marriage, current and future incomes, and fault in the divorce. Our lawyers will help you properly inventory and value your marital assets and liabilities, including real property, bank accounts, retirement account and credit card debt. We will then advise on division options based on your specific needs and goals.
  • Child custody: Whether you seek primary physical custody or need to protect your visitation rights as a noncustodial parent, our legal team will help you create a fair and favorable parenting schedule so that you can maintain meaningful relationships with your children after your divorce. We will also advocate for your right to make important medical, educational and religious decisions that affect your children's lives.
  • Child support: Child support is determined by a statutory formula in Texas that takes into account a variety of factors, such as percentage of custody, parental income, and the financial needs of your children. We will help you understand your rights and how the child support will affect you and your children.
  • Modifications: After a divorce is finalized, there are still opportunities to modify portions of your divorce order. If there has been a significant change in circumstances for you, your ex-spouse or your children, our lawyers can help you promote or defend against a modification claim regarding child custody, child support or alimony.
  • Uncontested divorce: Our law firm also handles uncontested divorces on a flat fee basis. If you and your spouse have agreed on the terms of your divorce, our lawyers can prepare the necessary legal documents and ensure that your rights are protected before you sign.

San Antonio Property Division Lawyer

Legal issues don't have to feel overwhelming when you work with Dossmann & Mercado. Our lawyers focus on practical solutions, efficient results and caring client service. Contact us at 210-220-3700 to learn more. We are ready to help.

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