A Former Prosecutor Now In Your Corner

Modifications of child support in general are never simple matters. They involve a detailed assessment of facts that are both personal and financial while demonstrating to a court that circumstances have either changed or remained the same.

For that reason, the San Antonio, Texas, law firm of Dossmann & Mercado provides you with lawyers holding more than 40 years of combined experience between them. Our attorneys know how to deal with the attorney general's office in order to protect your rights vigorously.

How We Can Help You

We have represented clients on both sides: those seeking to modify child support as well as those seeking to retain the arrangement as it exists. As a result, we can craft legal strategies designed to anticipate the arguments of the other side as well as concerns a judge may have about your case.

Our office will provide you with a frank assessment of your case. You will know exactly what we think of your chances for success, no matter what action you want to pursue.

To do that, we work with you closely on a one-on-one basis. Because modifications cases are so fact-intensive, we take the time needed to learn the details about your case — details that often can mean the difference between success and an undesirable result.

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